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Prime Division: K-2

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The Sage School experience begins in the Prime Division, which is our program for kindergarten through second-grade children. A Sage Prime child is curious, motivated, and fun-loving!

Our warm, nurturing environment promotes academic excellence, social competency, and emotional well-being. With a maximum class size of 18, our classrooms create a small, caring community.  Prime children begin the day with a morning meeting where social skills are woven into our discussions. Throughout the day, children are actively engaging and learning with their peers in partnerships, small groups, and as a whole class. Children learn how to become students. Teachers give guidance and support to help students develop work habits, organizational skills, and communication skills. Students in these grades are readers looking to expand comprehension skills, possess a strong number sense, and enjoy making new discoveries in science and social studies.  Prime students enjoy foreign language, fine and performing arts, music, and physical education classes.

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