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Junior Division: 3-5

106 1502 300x225 Junior Division: 3 5At The Sage School, the Junior Division students thrive in an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity that includes social interaction with their age-group peers. One way we foster this environment in the Junior Division is by creating groups based not just on age, but also on academic and social similarities among students. We are firmly committed to the development of the whole child and the idea that we can get to know each of our students as individuals. While students are challenged in the Junior Division, teaching occurs in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. Students respond positively when appropriate challenge is coupled with compassionate teaching and individual teaching.  At Sage, students are happy, hard-working, and intellectually curious; we are consistently amazed by their enthusiasm and creativity.  In these years, students are given more independence and opportunity to choose project based work.  They are encouraged to take risks with the reward of new discovery and confidence in their abilities.  In addition to core classes, Junior Division students enjoy foreign language, fine and performing arts, music, physical educational and technology instruction.
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