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Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 4.3 to 5 Years)

PRE KClassroom 300x300 Pre Kindergarten (Ages 4.3 to 5 Years)

Research tells us that early childhood education programs play a critical role in building literacy, math, language, and social skills in children.  Sage’s Pre-K is specifically designed for bright young children who might be in need of a more advanced and enriching school program. The Pre-K experience offers challenges that young gifted children rarely find in programs among same-age peers. Math, literacy, and social/emotional skills are developed and explored through highly engaging, hands-on activities.

Pre-K is a play-based, imaginative, and nurturing program. Our bright students are able to move from concrete ideas into the world of abstract concepts.  We teach them to imagine, create, and perform.  They think critically about the world around them and are encouraged to pursue creative interests.  It is most helpful to think of this program as one that develops the foundational skills needed for our beginning learners while also providing the opportunity for rigor and challenge within a kindergarten curriculum.

The Sage Pre-Kindergarten program is a full-day experience Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.  Before and afterschool care is available until 6:00 pm at an additional cost.

The schedule below provides only a brief peek into the activities in which the children engage.  We encourage you to visit Sage to experience for yourself the joy of learning found in this unique pre-kindergarten program.

Admission to Pre-K requires an application and screening visit. No cognitive testing is necessary unless a family would like to assess eligibility for the K-8 program.

Is this the right Pre-K program for your child? It is if your child:PK AU1 200x300 Pre Kindergarten (Ages 4.3 to 5 Years)

  • Possesses a passion for learning
  • Is persistent when given a challenge
  • Displays an intellectual curiosity – asks questions about a wide variety of subjects
  • Enjoys working with others

All students must be bathroom independent.

 Click here to view a sample schedule for the Sage Pre-Kindergarten Program.