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Middle School:6-8

kramer and sammie computer dissection Middle School:6 8

The Middle School experience at Sage significantly differs from any other independent or public middle school in New England.  Why?  While just as social as other sixth-through-eighth grade middle schoolers, our students are passionate about being creators and contributors of knowledge and not merely consumers of facts.  Through shared engagement with true peers in a challenging, yet developmentally appropriate setting, early adolescents at Sage are able to be comfortable with their talents at a vulnerable time in their development.  The middle school years can be a particularly difficult time for all kids, but this is especially true for gifted children; Sage provides a safe haven for these students.  Here, it is both cool and fun to be smart.  Our thoughtful advisory program, travel away from campus, small student-teacher ratio, after-school programming, and the inherent opportunities for leadership in a PreK-8 school operate in conjunction with an advanced academic environment to achieve this end.

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