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SAGE 102310  064 199x300 AcademicsThe Sage School offers our students a rigorous academic program designed to maximize the instructional level, interests, and motivation of academically gifted students, many of whom may be capable of work beyond a typical age-defined curriculum. We create a stimulating learning experience for our students that balances chronological, developmental, and social/emotional growth with intellectual challenge to successfully educate the whole child.

Our school starts in our Pre-K and Prime Division (Grades K-2), moves to the Junior Division (Grades 3-5), and ends with our Middle School (Grades 6-8). As one school with three distinct and special divisions, The Sage School works to support the academic, intellectual, and creative needs of our students in an environment rich in resources with endless opportunities to take risks and try new things. Our students are surrounded by like-minded and same-age peers who are curious and excited about learning. We encourage our students through the study of literature, history, language, math, science, the arts, and athletics to explore concepts, ideas, creativity, and play. Throughout this study, we balance academics with attention to a student’s social and emotional needs.

Our curriculum is classical in nature and includes world languages and the arts. In meeting the needs of the gifted child, we combine this classical curriculum with a progressive approach to instruction balancing depth of content with acceleration, using primary source documents, creating experiential learning opportunities, and condensing curriculum when necessary. Upon graduation, our students are well prepared for success in highly competitive secondary schools.

For many gifted students, education has been very solitary, and at times, isolating.  At Sage, we believe bright students work best when they are working together in an environment that challenges them to both understand and talk about their learning.  Our teachers focus on providing advanced instruction in a nurturing and supportive classroom.  Our students work independently and collaboratively to apply the thinking skills and work habits necessary for our content and curriculum.

We also celebrate that diversity exists naturally within our population. Beyond ethnic and religious diversity, our students have different strengths and challenges, various personality types, and a range of interest levels and work production. Faculty members vary their teaching styles in order to encourage each student to reach his or her potential. More specifically, our faculty employ specific techniques including ability grouping, flexible pacing of instruction, and enrichment clusters to reach this goal.

We believe the success of our students depends on a strong partnership between home and school. This requires clear communication of academic expectations, performance requirements, and standards of behavior. With this clear communication, our students thrive in a safe learning environment in which they are encouraged to take risks and accept challenges, the keys to making progress as learners. Furthermore, students are expected to take an active role in maintaining standards, participating regularly in goal setting, self-reflection, and progress evaluation.  Our community strives to create a climate of excellence in all that we do.