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What Sage Means To Me

Just as education means different things to different people, each person experiences The Sage School in his or her own way. However, when you listen to the comments of current students, parents, teachers, and alumni, you’ll hear some common themes about what The Sage School has meant for them.

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“I value that at Sage I get to learn about topics that interest me, and even the topics that don’t interest me are presented in an interesting way.”
-Miles,  ’18

“I like how all my  peers like me for who I am.  They really understand me.”
-Anisha, ’16

“Sage has allowed me to learn at an accelerated rate in an environment that allows my learning to be almost infinite, and has provided an educational experience that I will remember forever.  All of the teachers are fine educators, willing to fuel my desire to learn.  In the end, I know that everything Sage has done for me will help for the rest of my life.”
-Anay, ’15

“Sage teaches many concepts essential to life in the future.  These concepts include self-reliance, teamwork, time management, and responsibility. Through this school, we don’t just become better thinkers, readers, and writers.  We also  become better people.”
-Teddy, ’14

“Sage has offered me many things:

  • The ability to be respected as an equal by everyone around me,
  • The courage to take risks without fear of embarrassment,
  • A passion for asking questions and learning, and
  • The ability to advocate for myself and others.

The amount of work all of the faculty and my fellow students put in inspires me to push myself.”
-Noah, ’14


“The Sage School takes the well being of our children seriously. There could never be enough “thank you” to cover our admiration toward everyone at Sage. We’ll be paying a tearful ‘thank you’ on graduation day. We’ll be saying ‘thank you’ when they set foot on college campus. We’ll be saying ‘thank you’ when they land their dream job. We’ll be saying ‘thank you’ when they find the love of their lives. We’ll say ‘thank you’ when their own children find the opportunity to excel in a school just like Sage.”
-Julie, ’08,’09,’11,’16

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“Sage taught me a lot of important life lessons throughout the nine years I was there. I considered my classmates to be like an extension of my family, and one of my most favorite things about Sage is the small community. It allowed me to really connect with everyone including the teachers, and even socialize with students not in the same grade. It is rare to come by these kinds of circumstances at other schools.”
-Sophia, ’12

“Sage taught me to advocate for myself. When I first got to Sage, I was too afraid to ask questions when I didn’t understand something. I thought that if I asked questions, kids would think I didn’t belong at Sage. By the time I left Sage, I learned the power and importance of self-advocating. I discovered new things and bonded with my teachers through asking questions, a skill I will carry with me through all of my future endeavors.”
-Kiely, ’12

“Sage gave me a strong pride in my work that I didn’t have before. Sage also taught me that people care about my insights, about my questions, and about my struggles. I have grown so much from Sage and I will never be the same.”
-Sam, ’12

“Each student at Sage is completely his or her own person. Because of this, I feel completely comfortable in my own skin”
-Lauren, ’06

“The teachers in the Middle School have given me more independence, and because of this, I am able to learn how to get along on my own much better in life out of school.”
-Charlie, ’06

“I continue to learn from more than just the classes at Sage. I learn from other students, the teachers, and my experiences, like travel.”
-Alex, ’05

“Reflecting on my own education, I see Sage as the turning point. The advantages I received from the Sage experience served as the academic foundation, which allowed me to be successful in high school and at college. My successes had less to do with the knowledge I received at Sage and more to do with Sage developing me into a voracious learner. That insatiable appetite for knowledge coupled with a genuine passion for learning are the fundamental differences between Sage and traditional educational experiences.”
- Steve, ’04

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“Many gifted students look for concrete answers. It’s wonderful to teach these students creative work – it helps them discover there isn’t always a right or wrong answer, not everything is black or white, and it’s okay to express yourself in new and different ways.”
- Ms. Bazinet
Arts Department Chair and Performing Arts Teacher


“I really love that I work in a place where the kids are able to get hooked on language learning at a young age. I wish everyone would see themselves as a citizen of the world, and love that I have a job where I can pass on a curiosity about the world, language, and travel to students who are young enough to take it in with a clear head and develop the desire to be fully engaged with the world in which they live.”
-Ms. Tanner
Foreign Language Department Chair and Spanish Teacher

“I love the curiosity and passion for learning that my students have. My students are insatiable learners, always eager to know about the world around them. They are sharp enough to keep me on my toes and I have to work hard to stay ahead of the curve.”
-Mr. Brinkop
Junior Division Leader and Humanities Teacher
“I have high expectations of my students. I firmly believe that if you set the bar high, children will rise to meet the challenge.”
-Mrs. Jain
Prime Division Teacher