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Is Sage Right for Your Child?

SAGE 102310  235 300x199 Is Sage Right for Your Child?Characteristics of Giftedness

The following characteristics are often associated with gifted children.

Creative Thinking
Independent thinking, originality in oral and written expressions, a sense of humor

General Intellectual Ability
Learns rapidly, uses a large vocabulary, formulates abstractions, enjoys hypothesizing

Specific Academic Ability
Good memorization ability, advanced comprehension, a tendency to pursue special interests with enthusiasm and vigor

Assumes responsibility, sets high expectations for self and others, demonstrates fluent self expression, foresees consequences and implications of decisions

Exhibits precision in movement, excels in motor skills, exhibits a high energy level

Visual Perception
Outstanding sense of spatial relationships, observant, creative in expression

Why Sage for Your Gifted Child?

Because all children deserve the opportunity to thrive.

For over a century, researchers have consistently concluded that gifted learners flourish in an educational environment suited to their unique abilities. Yet, in standard educational systems, gifted children are widely underserved. In many states, educating gifted children simply is not a priority. Families seeking educational support for their gifted child must take a proactive approach.

That’s why, since 1990, families have brought their gifted children to The Sage School.

It’s an extraordinary place: A school specifically built to address the needs and learning styles of gifted children; a bringing together of highly trained faculty, carefully designed curricula, and like-minded peers; a community of enthusiastic learners who share a passion for intellectual inquiry, creativity, and discovery.

Everything we do at The Sage School is guided by one simple mission: To allow gifted children to realize their full potential. These children are extraordinary. Their school should be, too.

Because maximizing a child’s potential is one of the greatest gifts you can give

How Does Sage Compare?

Helping gifted children to realize their full potential guides everything we do.

We understand that having a gifted child presents parents with a considerable challenge and great responsibility. The Sage School helps families meet the challenge and fulfill that responsibility with unique features virtually unheard of in ordinary school settings.

A blend of innovative techniques, creative programs, and classical teaching.

Sixty percent of classroom teachers in the U.S. have no training in gifted and talented education. Faculty at The Sage School understand gifted minds … and are specialists in teaching gifted students. Step into one of our classrooms and you will find not a departure from classic approaches; but rather, a more robust and flexible implementation of them.

Interactive, inquiry-based learning.

Our experienced teachers – in concert with our low student/teacher ratio – engage students through in-depth discussion, active dialogue, and lively debate.

Careful attention to the grouping, depth, and pacing needs of gifted learners.

We know that gifted children often plunge into a single subject … and that such single-minded focus is not always the most effective approach to learning. That is why we shape our classes and curricula to give gifted children an academic experience that is not only in-depth, but also dimensional, contextual, and meaningful.