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The Gifted Child

2012 01 27 11 18 47 179 Medium 150x150 The Gifted ChildOne of the first questions posed by prospective families is related to differentiating characteristics of children who are smart and hard working, as contrasted to those who are gifted and creative.  The following table outlines the differences between the groups.  Very few children will exhibit all of the characteristics in a single column.  The academic program at Sage is best suited for those children who display a disproportionate number of characteristics of the gifted and creative learner.


Traditional High Achiever

Characteristics of Sage Students

Gifted Learner

Creative Thinker

Remembers the answer Poses unforeseen questions Sees exceptions
Is interested Is curious Wonders
Generates advanced ideas Generates complex, abstract ideas Overflows with ideas, many of which will not be developed
Works hard to achieve Knows without working hard Plays with ideas or concepts
Answers questions in detail Ponders with depth and multiple perspectives Injects new possibilities
Performs at the top of the group Is beyond the group Is in own group
Responds with interest and opinions Exhibits feelings and opinions from multiple perspectives Shares bizarre, sometimes conflicting opinions
Needs 6 to 8 repetitions to master content Needs 2 or 3 repetitions to master content Questions the need for mastery
Enjoys the company of age peers Prefers the company of intellectual peers Prefers the company of creative peers but often works alone
Is receptive Is intense Is independent and unconventional
Absorbs information Manipulates information Improvises
Memorizes well Anticipates and infers well Creates and brainstorms well
Is pleased with own learning Is self critical Is never finished with possibilities