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Mission and Vision


The Sage School’s mission is to prepare gifted students to excel, by providing a comprehensive program of academic rigor and social growth inspired by passionate teachers within a nurturing community.


The Sage School is New England’s recognized leader in gifted education, with a proven history of preparing graduates to confidently navigate and succeed in a dynamic world.

Core Values

The Sage School is a small, cohesive, nurturing community that values the free expression of ideas, the individual contributions of its members, and all types of diversity. We are committed to the values of excellence, collaboration, passion, and respect.

Accreditation and Memberships


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 The Sage School is accredited by the Association of Independent Schools in New England.

AISNE’s accreditation process is intended to ensure a process of reflection, affirmation, transformation, and accountability. As a result of participating in the accreditation process the following goals as stated by AISNE are met:

  • Should strengthen the school’s commitment and congruence to its mission.
  • Requires institutional reflection and self-evaluation.
  • Affirms the strengths of the school.
  • Helps the school identify areas for improvement.
  • Provides structure and a timetable for institutional reflection, dialogue, and change.
  • Requires the school to compare its performance to a wide range of standards of good practice.
  • Demonstrates the school’s willingness to be held professionally accountable.
  • Enhances the school’s credibility with its immediate constituents and with the community at large.
  • Demonstrates that the school is part of the larger entity of independent school education.
  • Focuses on the institution rather than on individuals which helps to ensure the long-term health of the school.

 Mission and Vision

In addition to being accredited by AISNE, The Sage School is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the National Association of Gifted Children, and the Massachusetts Associate of Gifted Education (MAGE). Our faculty and administrators belong to numerous professional organizations.