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Strategic Plan

This document outlines the five-year strategic plan for The Sage School and is meant to be our roadmap for our decisions and actions.  Though we are not always at our ideal, the language in this document was specifically chosen to reflect all that we are striving to be.  The objectives represent the most important activities that will help us to achieve our vision of a successful future Sage.

Our Program

Sage has been successfully educating gifted children for over 25 years through a comprehensive approach designed to enrich and inspire curious minds.  Sage graduates have a reputation for being extremely well prepared for success at the best secondary schools and beyond.

  • We offer an academic program that is rich in content, intellectual rigor and skills acquisition, complementing academics with our social thinking program and providing further opportunities for social-emotional growth.  Our program successfully educates the whole child by balancing the unique needs of our students, who not only crave advanced intellectual development, but also require an age-appropriate social setting.
  • Our classroom model includes instruction in the traditional subjects of humanities (English language arts and social studies), world languages (Spanish and Latin), math, sciences, computer science, technology, engineering, the arts (visual, music, and dance), and health and physical education.  The depth of content in each subject area, combined with a full STEAM program, provides a forum in which students synthesize knowledge and make connections across disciplines and fosters the development of collaboration, reasoning, questioning, problem solving and communication.
  • Sage has built a home for gifted students to ignite their lifelong love of learning.  Within this trusting community, students feel a sense of comfort, belonging, and respect from their teachers and peers.  Teachers encourage students to embrace their passions, explore new interests, and take appropriate risks.
  • Teaching resilience is important at Sage.  Instead of fearing failure, students are encouraged to view their mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Our program offers exposure to global issues, providing a global perspective, and encouraging students to offer their own solutions to global problems.
  • Our faculty is committed to using various teaching techniques in the classroom that are proven to encourage gifted students to excel.  These include flexible, ability-based groupings and flexible pacing, a problem-based teaching approach and a learning experience attuned to the needs, passions, and interests of the students.

Our Faculty

Sage’s greatest asset is our exceptional and diverse faculty.

  • The majority of our teachers hold advanced degrees.  They come to Sage with varied backgrounds, both within and outside of education, and we value the different experiences they bring to the classroom.  They motivate and model their own “lifelong learning”.
  • Sage teachers are experts in the best practices of gifted education and are passionate about delivering our program to our students.  They persistently innovate in areas of content and teaching methods to improve both the curriculum content and their teaching methods.
  • Sage teachers show flexibility in their instruction by listening to students’ ideas, and incorporating students’ passions and interests into the curriculum to keep learning fun, engaging, and effective.
  • Sage teachers foster respect, understanding, and a sense of humor in the school community, which leads to open and collaborative dialogue among the faculty and trusting relationships between the teachers and students.
  • Sage teachers strive to make personal connections with each child.  Students can trust that teachers will support and facilitate their enthusiastic search for knowledge.

Our Students

The Sage School creates and serves a diverse community of gifted students who exhibit several of the following qualities:  intense curiosity, remarkable creativity, rapid processing speed, a strong passion for learning, and the ability to make empathic connections with others toward preservation of a productive learning environment.  Sage looks for these traits in our incoming students and fosters them throughout their educational experience.  When assessing a student’s potential for success at Sage, we also consider the student’s tested intellect and abilities.

Our students are eager participants in the learning process.  They are willing to ask questions and hypothesize answers, to experiment and innovate.  With curiosity and courage, Sage students take intellectual risks that push their own boundaries, sometimes surprising themselves with their accomplishments.  They are given the tools to turn their intelligence and knowledge into wisdom.  Our students experience the joy of learning and the pride that comes when they strive to do their best.

Sage graduates are well-balanced individuals who are capable problem solvers, creative and critical thinkers, and strong communicators, with diverse skill sets which enable them to embrace life’s opportunities and become productive citizens of the world.  Our students complete their Sage education as confident advocates for themselves and others, with an intrinsic love of learning.  They are passionate lifelong learners, with the potential to shape our world in meaningful ways.

Strategic Elements & Objectives

Strategic Objectives provide the framework of our long-term action plan, along with the most critical objectives that will enable us to fulfill our Mission and achieve our Vision. 

Engaged, Loyal Community

Our Sage community includes teachers, students and their families, staff, and alumni.  We strive to maintain the intimacy of a small student population, between 170 and 200.  We are proud of our healthy community and its culture.  Every constituency holds the students’ education as a first priority.

Innovative Gifted Program

The four pillars of our program are curriculum, teacher training, systems & processes, and parent involvement.  There are detailed plans behind these high-level goals that will enable us to constantly improve our programs, while maintaining the strengths of our current program.

Expanded Impact

By reaching more people and creating a bigger impact with our offerings, we will grow and strengthen the Sage brand and enhance recruitment and fundraising.  These activities should ideally have a learning component for Sage students.  Ideas will be developed, vetted, implemented, and measured. 

Robust Infrastructure

Having our own building and grounds is a big benefit to The Sage School.  We must continually maintain this infrastructure and ensure that we maximize its use to serve the needs of our students and our program.

Financial Strength

Being a not-for-profit organization, our financial strength allows us to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and operational costs, and provides us the flexibility to increase faculty salaries, support lower tuition increases, and offer more financial aid, which will increase the economic diversity of our student population.