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Strategic Plan

IMG 4004 150x150 Strategic PlanSage has always been a future-focused place. While we honor what has come before, Sage has always been more likely to lean into the future than to look back at the past.  We are a school with a dynamic and even entrepreneurial culture and climate. Over the course of the last two years, we have focused on a Strategic Planning effort. This effort has been inclusive and forward thinking. In addition to re-articulating our mission statement, the school’s leadership has focused our planning on four major goals:

  • Evaluate, review, and revise admission and marketing programs to ensure that we can attract appropriate students and families, sufficient in number, to Sage.
  • Establish Sage as the employer of choice for qualified and committed faculty and professional staff.
  • Promote Sage as a leader in the development and execution of gifted education.
  • Create a progressive infrastructure plan that provides for safety, functionality, flexibility, adequate technological resources, and a physical environment that is a more accurate reflection of Sage’s vibrant and engaging culture and climate.