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Cluster Week: An Exciting and Enriching School Tradition

During the week of May 14, The Sage School will celebrate one of its most anticipated annual traditions called Cluster Week. This week is filled with special elective classes for students in the school’s Prime and Junior Divisions (grades K-5) such as “Origami,” “And the Oscar Goes to…,” “May it Please the Court,” “Brain Games,” “The Principles of Flight,” “Tessellations,” “Cooking Around the World” and “I Object.”

Based on Joseph Renzulli’s Triad Model of learning for gifted students, these week-long elective courses are designed by faculty and parents to provide opportunities for in-depth, highly focused, project-oriented study. Each student will participate in two cluster courses that will meet every day—one in the morning, the other after lunch. At the end of the week, students gather to share highlights of their cluster experiences and present their work to one another.

Manisha Jain, a Prime Division teacher and faculty organizer of Cluster Week says, “The kids are always so excited for Cluster Week. They get to learn from parents, administrative staff, and other teachers not part of their normal routine. We even have some special guests participating from the local community. This is surely going to be a week full of authentic learning, creativity, and fun at The Sage School.”

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